New moms - what not to do w/ car seats

  1. I know alot of you KNOW this and I hope I don't sound condescending, I'm posting this for people who truly don't know.
    I read SO much before giving birth that I guess I took it for granted and assumed everyone does that. But I see kids buckled in wrong everyday and it gives me a small panic attack!

    Here's a photo of Britney's kids buckled in wrong.
    See the arrows, they show that the chest buckle is way too low. It's actually almost at the right level on Sean but on the baby it's FAR too low. It should be all the way up to his arm pits, right across his upper chest.
    Imagine her car flipping over and the baby's hanging inside their car seats, no way they'd stay put, their shoulders would obviously slip right out. In fact, looks like Jayden could climb out if he really wanted to.:sad:
    You can also see way too much slack, she didn't tighten them enough at all. You should be able to only slip a few fingers in under the buckle, it should be very snug.
    After you install a car seat, if you use teh big seat belt to secure the seat, pull teh seat belt ALL THE WAY out and let it go, let it snap out of your hands all the way back in real fast, this locks the seat belt.
    Lastly, I know everyone is excited about turning their babies forward facing, but rear facing is actually safest for as long as possible.
    Earliest is one year AND 20+lbs. If they are 20lbs @ 8 months, like my kids, you should not turn them.
    Here's a good link about it:
  2. Thanks for posting Swanky. I'm constantly amazed when I see kids not buckled in properly. Another tip is that after you feed the main seatbelt through the rear of the carseat (if that's how yours works), kneel on the seat and secure it.

    As for Brittney: Do we need to mention the obvious lack of sun-shade, second hand smoke and no shielding from the sides and above (in case of accident).
  3. Also, the police or fire department (can't remember which) will show you how to properly secure your child in a car seat.
  4. LOL, Cal, I was just about to say the same thing about the smoking, etc.

    We aren't allowed to leave the hospital without having our car seat inspected.
  5. That picture of Brittany with her kids not in the car seats properly frightens me!

    Would you believe it if I told you that not long ago, a van drove past me in a parking lot and I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The mother had the car seat in the front passenger seat!!! I wanted to chase after her to tell her it was dangerous but she was in a car and I was on foot carrying my 9 month old. I just pray nothing happens.
  6. Thanks for posting this, Swanky! The information is very helpful.
  7. ^^I see kids climbing all over their SUV's all the time, or little ones climbing out of the front seat in the drop off line at school.
    It's sickening.
  8. Pardon the ignorance, what about carrying baby in arms? Is it safer than in a carseat if the person carrying the baby sits at the rear?
  9. [​IMG]

    Lol I love how Britney thinks to get herself sunglasses and a hat!

    Thanks for pointing this out Swanky!
  10. NO!!! In an accident, there's no way you could hold onto a baby. It's like my physics teacher in high school used to say about driving mothers who instinctively hold their arms across their passenger seat child's chest when stopping abruptly: "It ain't gonna do nothin'!!"
  11. That, or you could actually crush your child with the weight of your body. :sad: There is no safer place for a child than a car seat!

    It amazes me how few parents know about the 20 lbs AND 12 months thing. DD is well on her way to hitting 20 lbs in the next month or so but we're looking to buy a convertible car seat like this one. It will still be rear facing till her birthday, no matter what she may weigh :wtf:
  12. Great observation! Thanks for posting Swanky~
    Just to add: her son's expression in the photo just breaks my heart. I think they've been put through so much... *sigh*.
  13. It's really surprising to see how many parents don't buckle their children in correctly (or at all!!!!!) and don't have their seats installed properly.

    All 3 of our carseats have been inspected from the police here in Germany, to ensure that we were doing everything right...The police or fire department in your area should do the same for you if you are not sure!

    It's disgusting to see people not even buckling their kids because it will be a "short ride"...After what happened to Nicole (she broke her arm in a car accident when her mom didn't buckle her in), it just enrages me.
  14. Good post, knowing how to buckle your kids in properly is very important!
  15. I just want to add this, winter is coming up and it's not safe to buckle your kids in their car seats with their coats on. The straps will be too loose
    in the case of a wreck. Always put a blanket over them after they're buckled in instead.