New moms to be- Are there other pregnancy forums that you visit?

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  1. Besides TPF, are there any other forums that you visit? the forum at makes me crazy, becuase I feel like I have to go through pages of poster's signatures just to read the posts!:tdown: maybe it's just a pet peeve, but it bothers me!
  2. For forums I also go to but I don't feel like there is the knowledge or support as there is on here...Honestly from what I've been able to find nothing beats this :smile:

    i'm registered at these sites, I actually like most of them but more for informational purposes.
  3. madamelizaking - thank you for the info! I agree with you about TPF, I was just wondering about other sites. i just checked out the ones you posted, I like, babygaga seemed to have good info, but it seems like the moms-to-be on the forum section are really young? (like 18, 19, 20?) Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that i'm in a different place than that, does that make sense?
  4. i don't go to the forum [there is one], but i like there is a time line about the baby, it tells you the size and how the baby is growing and all the new things that are developing...i find it very interesting!

    check the settings for the sites you visit, you may be able to hide signatures I know babycenter offers that.
  6. pregnancy weekly is an amazing site!!! I registered there with my first and did it again with this pregnancy, it even keeps track of your first children and what to expect! I swear by this one!
  7. I will check some of those out but is one I check out and I have read up on a few others but I find that the girls are so young (17, 18, 19, 20) that post the most and they post the most ridiculous things and they just seem so shallow about things and rude to others. There are really sensible and mature younger moms but I seem to be coming across the ones that ttc at 17 and younger and it drives me crazy.

    I love everyone here. Everyone here has honest opinions that they are not afraid to share with others and are so supportive. By far this is my favorite place :biggrin:
  8. is pretty good and the forums are organized by topics such as "older mommies", "c-section births", "TTC big families", "breastfeeding and pregnancy" and almost anything else you can imagine!
  9. I definitely appreciate these boards more when I visit the others. Just like miamialli and iveflipped have mentioned, the girls on those boards are just so young and it gets so crass and mean. You ladies here are great and I've gotten so much good information. It's much easier to navigate this site too.

    But, I did think it was great how they have a "Flag as DRAMA" button at babygaga.
  10. I know what you mean about They all do seem really young and I honestly just go there for the weekly updates. there's a sarcastic writer on there and I love her posts for each week :smile:.
  11. I was on,,
  12. i agree, thery seem very young
  13. Since I am newly married I was on The Knot for planning tips and they sent me a link to The Nest which is their post-marriage site and I stumbled upon The Bump this week which I am sure you can guess the subject matter by the title :smile: I found a local thread there that was helpful for local resources/docs.
  14. has helped me a great deal with medical answers. It was highly recommended to me by moms all over the world not just US.
  15. There's a community on Facebook that I frequent. It's called Circle of Moms. It's alright, but I prefer tPF much much more... You ladies are just a lot more helpful! Thanks! :tup: