New mom washable top ideas

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  1. I'm a new mom, and my son just turned 3 months old, which means that I went back to work recently. Pre-baby and during pregnancy, my style was one of the following:

    1. Printed or textured feminine skirts (knee length or maxi), with single color silk knit tops, a nice knit cardigan (anything from Anthropologie to Chanel) and a thin, lightweight jacket (Helmut Lang or Dolce & Gabbana leather jackets or Isabel Marant, Chanel or Nanette Lepore knit jackets) and nice flats.
    2. Same general idea, but printed or more detailed top paired with a solid color maxi or knee length skirt and flats.
    3. Stretch silk knee-length dress with knit cardigan and flats.

    Now that I am back at work, and pumping at work (so separates work better than dresses), I have worn some variation of style option #1 every day and I need some help! I need some ideas for washable tops (because there are inevitably some "drops" that get on the top) that are also have some style to them. Also keep in mind that I wear non-structured skirts, not pants 99.9% of the time, so blousey tops may be a more difficult match. I have been wearing "throw away" stretch-knit, poly-cotton blend, v-neck, washable tops from Macy's every day in every color variety imaginable (same top, 10+ colors!) with skirt/cardi/jacket/flats every day for the past 2 weeks and I am getting sick of it. It is very boring new-mom attire. However, I do live in Seattle, so standards are low!
    Any stylish but washable top ideas to mix and match with loose, flowy skirts will be greatly appreciated!
  2. For pumping at work, I would recommend undercover mama tank tops and just wear whatever shirt you want over them and take off the shirt to pump.

  3. Great idea! Thanks. I have been lifting up the bottom half of my shirt and draping with a shawl to pump, which is still a bit awkward on days when I have a shared office. When I am in my own office I just take off my shirt and lock the door :smile: