New mom, need opinion on diaper bag

  1. Hi, i am a designer bag-a-holic and currently expecting a baby :smile:
    Need opinions from stylish moms out there on what I can use for diaper bag.

    My "very well trained" hubby actually already bought me a Burberry messenger diaper bag...since he claimed that he will be the one carrying the bag all the time so at least he wont have to carry a tote bag and with the messenger bag, he looks semi more manly.. (Burberry does design messenger laptop bag for men)

    On the other hand, my friend who is on the practical side told me that it's not very convenient to carry messenger bag for diaper bag. :shrugs:

    Please tell me what you think..........
  2. I think Kate Spade diaper bags are real cute.
  3. I think you should let him keep that bag for himself and buy yourself something nicer you like.
  4. ^^^Yeah...Katie is great, and relatively inexpensive!
  5. Kate Spade is nice but EVERYONE has them. You just have to google diaper bags and you can find lots of cute stylish options you probably won't see all the other mommies with.

    eta-The selection on ebags and Zappos is a good start.
  6. I use Petunia Picklebottom's Boxy Back Pack. I have about 5 others but this one is the most functional for me due to their changing pad.

    Also, you'lll end up having to put the diaper bag down in dirty places as well as store soiled clothing in it sometimes so iy may not be best to get a really really expensive one. I did, however, see LV's new Diaper Bag yday and it is really cute!

    Congratz on the baby...your life will never be the same!
  7. I like Holly Aiken if you want practical and something your husband would feel comfortable carrying.
  8. Here's a site that I've ordered from before that has a lot of different diaper bags:

    Designer Diaper Bags

    Good luck! I used a Petunia Picklebottom Shoulder bag with my daughter and it was great until she got older and it got to be a big too big. There's a ton of diaper bags out there, so have fun deciding!
  9. I have a Storksak Gigi in baby blue - and I love this bag. it is a tote but they even do a man's diaper bag (a messenger in black leather but since you ahve that already....)

    the Gigi comes in 4 different colours but I wanted a baby blue - you can find them online so just google storksak.

    Ah, great time, choosing all the baby stuff for the first time.... enjoy and congrats on your pregnancy

    BTW there have been couple of other threads on diaper bags so you could do a search
  10. My MIL bought me the Burberry messenger bag when I had my first child. Although it looks really nice I found it to be very heavy when I started using it.

    I found that the easiest bag to carry was the kate spade diaper bags. The kate spade bags are very light and doesnt scream "diaper bag!" They actually look like oversized bags that you could tote around.

    Now that I have two kids, I use this diaper bag called skip*hop which can be used as a messenger style bag or you can clip it on to your stroller. I usually clip it on the handles of my stroller so I dont have to worry about carry anything.
  11. How about this leather bag by Sophia Visconti? It's huge, has three separate compartments and three large zipper pockets & two slide pockets on interior walls. Not too heavy either - weighs 1 lb 6 oz

    Sophia Visconti Belt Hobo > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags

    19" x 9.5" x 4"