New Modern Chain-opinions Needed Please

  1. Okay...I had previously posted about this bag that I just got a couple of days ago. Alot of people replied and confirmed my same thought on it...That IT IS totally HOT!!

    But now, I really need to get opinions on this chain. It is VERY light weight...Maybe too much that I fear it is not going to hold up.Or that it will crack or break off completely. The other concern is that one slides of the shoulder a bit too easy unless you cross them at the shoulder or hold onto them...I know that Chanel offers a 1 yr warranty, but with my luck it will break on the 366th day!

    CHANEL BAG2.JPG Chanel Bag.JPG
  2. I think its HOT!
    I have to cross my straps on my GST or it totally falls off - and thats not a problem at all.
    I say if you love it - then you need it!
  3. it's gorgeous!

    I cross almost every one of my straps when there's 2 off them, no problem for me!:biggrin:
    I'd keep it.
  4. i think its very cool but agree with you on the weight, I was really suprised at how light the chain was! But test it out, if you get too worried return it. What is the retail may I inquire, I forgot to check??

  5. It was $2250. I am afraid to use it. Because they said if I do I cant return it. So thats why I am trying to get some info on this chain from all you experts.:supacool:..
    Did I mention this was my first:yahoo:


  6. Do you have the same one in the New Modern Chain?
  7. keep that gorgeous BAG !!!
    I am going to buy the hobo in this style- i hope to anyway..
  8. a total keeper!!!
  9. It's nice~
  10. LOL!

    relax hun, its Chanel. Quality is their motto! I highly doubt the bag will tear apart if you put two medical books in it.

    so, enjoy the fruit of your labor! no more worries ok?
  11. I just spoke with the SA at South Coast Plaza. Elenor. She is really nice and said if something goes wrong that she will take good care of me....I feel a little better...So Maybe I will snip the tag off today! Heck, maybe I should were it with the tag...Just kidding...hehehehe

  12. I think the bag is gorgeous. You should just keep it!!
  13. No I don't have one - but I want one!:graucho::drool::graucho:
  14. I would love to see what it looks like on someone.
    Could you possilby post a modeling pic!
  15. I love the look of this bag, but someone at Chanel told me they have issues with the chain coming apart.