New Modern Chain Hobo

  1. Anybody have this bag ? I am interested in getting it- if fact I am- got it for the EGC event.. waiting.
    I wanted the east west tote- but it did not look good on me and I decided on the hobo-its a nice everyday bag and I love the dazzle of the chains.. all up the side.
    Hobo bags of any type are always in...
    It looked so good on me- and here I thought I did not like anything from the new collection...
  2. I love the look of the hobo and it is very comfortable. You do have to zip the bag each time you unzip though because it is slouchy and your stuff may fall out if you don't and it looks a bit sloppy when not zipped. I'm really lazy and that is the only reason I passed on the hobo and went with the n/s
  3. Thanks Rocker chic..
    I did not see the N/S- well Saks did not have it..
    they had the e/w- which was a bit to wide and long for me.. the hobo fit just right..
    I am so lazy too.. I will more than likely forget to zip it as well, but I love the look.. So we will see.. Can not wait to get it and post it
  4. I adore the MC hobo. I'm on the wait list for it :heart:

    addisonshopper - which color are you getting?
  5. ^^^Love this bag too!!!!!
  6. really look forward to seeing your pics!
    What color did you get?
  7. I didn't like the hobo, it hung to low by my waist. The n/s is perfect for me, I just got it. If your looking for both though, there at the NM in Tysons Va. Good luck.
  8. I am getting black- of course..

    biondina- I am on my way to Tysons this evening- I am going to buy it at Saks for the EGC though-
  9. Has anyone seen any of the MC bags in brown? I never, ever buy anything brown but I decided to wait list for the hobo in brown...way too many black bags ........

    I'm dying to see what the color looks like.
  10. the brown is beautiful...very deep and rich...
  11. Thanks RC...I figure if I'm going to buy one brown bag, I might as well make it CHANEL :smile:

    And a deep rich brown is perfect.

  12. can you post a photo of how this hobo look like?:confused1:
  13. Is this the bag you are looking for? If so, I love mine, and I got it in brown because it looked the best in that color. I like it because its not to heavy to wear. The only drawback is I am use to totes, and not having to zip them. Its a little cumbersome to zip because you have to hold at least one corner of the bag to zip it up, it just won't zip one handed/close. But if you are use to a hobo style, this shouldn't bother you.

  14. I want a Brown!:drool:
  15. I tried on the hobo when I purchased my black N/S MC. :smile: It didn't look so great on me though, but I know some ladies here can rock it - like you addisonshopper! :tup: Ohhh, and the dark brown is definitely gorgeous... I'm waiting for another E/W MC to come in (the one my SA had was too distressed on the front)... if anyone loves brown, then you've got to see this gorgeous rich chocolate brown! :drool: shmoo88 - What a yummy brown hobo!! :smile: