New Modern Chain.. fixed?

  1. I remember reading a thread here warning us not to purchase the new Modern Chain because of a defect; the chains just fall off..? :tdown:

    I went to Chanel SF today & an SA tried to sell me one. I said, "Oh, I heard there was a recall because of the chain?" & she replied with an, "Oh.. yeah.. but they found a way to fix it somehow.." & then immediately tried to sell me a different purse.

    Her answer wasn't that convincing to me. So I was wondering if anyone knew forsure if it has indeed been fixed?
  2. was recalled....I cant beleive she tried to sell u one!!!!WTH???
  3. Definitely recalled!
  4. omg you won't believe what the SA told me! i saw one on display and asked her why it was still on sale and didn't chanel recall them? she told me yes but they're now fine, she was told to tell customers not to put anything heavy inside. like wth?!!? excuse me? a bag that cannot hold the weight of heavy things isn't exactly a bag? LOL how ridiculous!
  5. ^yeah, was at Chanel earlier and the SA said the same thing, not to put heavy stuff in it. THen what's the point of buying a tote? Hmmmm..the prices don't justify the quality at all these days
  6. I am wondering about Chanel...what do they expect us to do with the bag? If we cant put alot of weight in it shall we just pay a fortune to carry around a big empty bag?
  7. the plastic chain IMO, is the crappiest idea i've ever seen. not to mention, uncle K has come up with a fugly acne or growth or whatever disgusting looking reissue tote bag for pre-fall 2008, is he trying to fight with LV for the fugly title or what? jeez, i cannot stop shaking my head in total disapproval and disgust! why chanel do this to us!!
  8. I agree with the above : I can't know who's behind all these "inspirational" bags but Karl does have the final word of approval,doesn't he?:confused1:
    As another fellow Fer put it on another thread I wonder too what CoCo Chanel would have said about that!:wtf:
  9. Strange that it's still on the Chanel website! I didn't quite like the bacolite look anyways, I think that they were just trying to remedy the fact that the original modern chain is a pretty heavy bag, mind you the same was said of the Chloe Paddington but you didn't see them making plastic locks!
  10. um, not to be arguementative, but they just released a lucite lock:nuts:
  11. um, not to be arguementative, but they just released a lucite lock:nuts: But, I do understand your point!
  12. ^ you could have edited your first post.
  13. Chanel at south coast plaza still had them on display and i saw SA's showing them to potential customers!
  14. Thanks everyone.! I can't believe she tried to sell me one, also. Actually what upsets me is the fact that I caught her trying to sell it to me already, which is a no-no itself.. then she tried to LIE about it being fixed. Oh well.

    Lol, SAs actually told you guys not to put anything HEAVY in it?! That's rediculous. "Let me just sell you a $2k+ purse that cannot fulfull its purpose.."

    Heh, Ladydeluxe, you're funny. But that's so true. If they're going to attack us with price increases, they better be worth it!

    & If it's been recalled, why do store still have it on display? Can't they get in trouble for selling them?
  15. :tup::tup: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: