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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I am not sure about the need of having STL XXL but I understand there was request for such size for yoga mat.

    What is your thought on design of Bourgonne? For some reason, esp the side view, it reminds me of jouvence toiletry case. LoL

    I have noticed since last year that Goyard has discontinued special colours of certain old models. Now they are releasing only the safer colors of new models (for men). Not happy with the decision since I love special colors such as green and burgundy.
  2. I’m not liking this models, the size of the St. Louis is not elegant anymore.
    If they wanted to make the bag more “masculine” they should change a bit the proportions to be more like a vertical tote and perhaps a bit wider straps.
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  3. I may get the Bourgonne. But overall, I agree that limiting the colors offered in men's line is bad. Goyard is all about the colors which differentiates it from other brands like LV. I told my SA that too.
  4. I tried on the Saint Louis XXL size today at the was huge! Not sure it is due to the huge size but somehow when i tried it on, it does look quite masculine!

    I didnt get it because I am still hesitant with Saint Louis handles (although the handles are now thicker) and also, it doesn't come with green or burgundy color that I want.
  5. I decided to get the bourgogne in black. I apparently misspelled it above.
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    Good choice. I snapped a photo of the black at window display. I ended up getting the black, tan and am using it today.

    Bourgogne - it’s the former name of BuRgundy where Goyard family was originally from.


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  7. I want to share my thought after using it for the morning. Especially for those considering to get a Sac Bourgogne

    My work involves carrying bag around for the meetings. Hence, I always look for bags which are light and easy to carry. As far as these 2 areas are concerned, Bourgogne is perfect!

    However, I do foresee a fundamental issue.

    The material used for this model is thin. The material used here is like the one used for Saint Louis (canvas with no cloth lining). This is unlike the thicker material used for other men bags (canvas on the outside with yellow cloth as interior). Also, do note that this bag doesn't come with a cardboard kind of base and no metal feet! Perhaps, all these explain why this bag is so light.

    When I threw in my notebook, the weight sagged down in the center and I fear that with prolonged use, the canvas will get softer (like the Saint Louis) and pointed areas of a (heavy) object might result to holes ....

    I hope I am just being skeptical.
  8. Thanks for the update. I suspected the same thing based on the pictures. On the positive side, at least the handles look sturdy. :lol:
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  9. I recently purchased the Plumet bag and it is amazing! I am a new mom and needed a practical hands free bag for when I am carrying my baby. It fits so much more than you’d think and is so easy to get in and out of when you only have one hand available! It’s the perfect bag for traveling, running errands and just everyday use. Here are some photos. I’m 5’2 for reference. IMG_9666.jpg IMG_9678.jpg IMG_9679.jpg IMG_9680.jpg IMG_9681.jpg
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  10. I’m having some issues with the strap on the Plumet. It started peeling after just 5 days of use. I sent it to be repaired and then after a few weeks it’s begun cracking! Currently waiting to see how they will resolve the issue!

  11. That’s terrible. Did your SA offer any reason what could have caused that?

    The strap looks extremely thin and fragile but peeling followed by cracking within such short period of time is just unacceptable.

    Recently, Goyard has been releasing new designs almost every few months. This is something I have not seen before in my years of following Goyard. It makes me wonder whether Goyard has done enough testing of the new designs before they launch them.
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  12. Ugh - so sorry to see this. And I could tell the bag was working so well for you as hands free option. Hopefully Goyard will do the right thing and replace or repair. As much as I would like to own a Goyard, I haven't pulled the trigger given the issues with quality and cracking. Good luck with your Plumet!!
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  13. She said that the peeling was extra paint coming off and that it wasn’t considered a defect. She didn’t mention why the strap started cracking after the repair. They are going to get back to me in the next couple of days and I’m hoping for a refund!
  14. What ended up happening..? I really like the look of the piece, but :shocked:

    How has it worn since..? I hope they replaced it and it behaved afterwards!
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  15. As of Feb 2019, they’ve lowered prices in the US. Found out when I went to buy my Artois. Nice surprise.
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