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  1. Plumet and Poitiers on IG. Click for the next image.
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  2. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. any price point? In USD$ Length of strap?
  4. The strap is detachable.
    Length: 20.5cm
    Height: 14cm
    Width: 1cm
    They are $1,080 for classic colors and $1,405 for special colors.
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  5. Thank you for this info and arrgggh - too short for me to wear as crossbody as I suspected :annoyed:
  6. I’m really liking the plumet!!
  7. thanks for the info!
  8. Has anyone seen the newly redesigned belts that are reversible? If so do you also know what they cost in US Dollars?
  9. I saw the news about it but don’t think it’s out yet...
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  10. The Rudy belt in the black on black colorway is $880.00
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  11. I want this.

    Attached Files:

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  12. For men's line, they are launching St. Louis XXL and a new bag called the Bourgonne next week.
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  13. That sounds really exciting for men!
  14. St Louis xxl? Lol I think the current GM is already huge.
    Any detail on how the Bourgonne looks like?
  15. Pics are courtesy of my SA of the Bourgonne and STL XXL. (SA is about 6' 2"/188cm.) Also, only black, navy, and grey will be available for men's line moving forward, unfortunately.

    STL XXL: Black USD 1780, Navy/Grey USD 2315
    Bourgonne: Black USD 2265, Navy/Grey USD 2945

    STLXXL.jpg Bourgonne.jpg Bourgonne02.jpg Bourgonne_side.jpg
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