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  1. Made a trip down to Goyard and I was introduced to 2 new models.

    First, this little bag called ‘Poitier’. It was last seen during a Tokyo event in december last year. Now, this is officially launched elsewhere but sadly no turquoise. I do not know what it can be used for. SA advised that it can be used for carrying basic accessories such as wallet, phone and even ‘lunch box’. I am not too convinced though.


    Second, the Voltaire version III. Ok, this is not exactly a new design but a new version of the popular Voltaire. It is more streamlined, more structured. Drawback is that it doesn’t come with the shoulder sling that previous versions do and available only in 4 colours. I am convinced by this new design.


    As mentioned in other thread, Goyard has also introduced ‘Minaudiere case’ which according to SA is totally sold out and now can only be purchased by pre-order.

    Lastly, there will be a new man wallet design coming out soon. Finally, this makes me excited.
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  2. Thanks for the update. This third version of the Voltaire without a shoulder strap is a step down to me. I also noticed that the bottom does not have metal feet like the previous versions. So, I assume this new version is even more expensive with less leather trim and no shoulder strap. Sad.

    I am still waiting for a new version of Saint Lucie, and it's getting close to 2 years now since rumor of re-design.
  3. Voltaire iii - indeed, gone is the metal feet. To me, this is between Comoros and Voltaire. Price wise, if I remember correctly, it’s cheaper than previous version.

    Saint Lucie new version with strap - It was supposed to launch last summer. So was the new range of men messenger bags. But we all know all never happen!

    SA also told me she heard a new backpack design is underway expression —->
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  4. A Goyard FB group shared this new model. My SA informed me that it is called Citadin and will be officially launched in March.

    What do you think of the design?


  6. I like it, but I want to see more pics. The way the handle attaches to the entire top leather panel may put a lot of stress on the front buckle. Also it looks like there is a shoulder strap. Will it come with the bag or purchased separately?
  7. IMG_6080.jpg

    I have the same thought too.

    From my experience, the bag will be off balance when carrying like that.

    I find the design looks a lot like the alpin backpack which I am not a big fan.

    Strap is to be purchased separately.
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  8. Thanks for the additional picture. It looks like a nice bag but not my style.
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  9. So pleased they're coming out with new models! Thanks to all who have posted photos. Nothing I want yet but fingers crossed something comes up before I'm in London later this year. Sadly, the US price increase has all but guaranteed I won't be buying in the states.
  10. Plumet wallet pouch

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  11. I feel like the Poitier is too small to be this stiff looking. I don't know. I want to like it since I like small totes. I think I much prefer the mini Anjou. :amuse:

    I really like the new Voltaire though. Very crisp and clean. I really like it in the Gold/Black.
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  12. This is so cute. The straps look so thin though. :hrmm:
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  13. This reminds me of the bag that SA always wears cross body ....
  14. I was wondering about that! When I saw it I thought it kinda looks like the bag an SA would carry around.
  15. Black/tan rim is also my favorite choice but the decolouration of tan colour after some years (which I see so often) always deter me from choosing this colour.