**NEW MODELING PICS!!! Smokin Red Hot New Prada!!!!lol!

  1. Hubba..Hubba....This bag is smokin.....

    I know..Its quite loud for Jill..But I cant resist it..I DESPISE patent leather..yet this bag is on its way to me...heehee.....We shall see when it arrives tomorrow how it looks IRL..ALong with a few other pretty little things..MU HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho: :wlae:

  2. [​IMG]

    Ok..this one is coming tomorrow too..SO MINE..LOL
  3. NOW..DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......***********************

  4. ^It is truly the most TDF color IRL.Blush toned..this pic doesnt do it justice..sniff...LOVES..LOVES...LOVES......
  5. i saw one large gauffre'an in blush. was tempted but hubby gave me the evil. i know what you mean about the colour. they are LOVELY. do you think they will keep well though? i mean with dirt and all especially the handles?

    jill do you know where to get a large EW blush gauffre?
  6. Mine(BLUSH) is a smaller one..In all honesty I have it in large in brown and its TOO big inside(never thought ID say THAT!!!LOL!)...This is the PERFECT SIZE.its 2360 at Prada.Simply the most beautiful bag I have seen this spring..I SWEAR.
  7. OH..about the dirt question...This leather wipes off everything..I have so many Gauffres..NOT ONE mark on ANY of them.Thats what you get for that HUGE pricetag..LOL..GREAT QUALITY LEATHER..Worth every penny.mark my words.
  8. WOW--you have been BUSY!!!

    I LOVE the third one--GORGEOUS! The other two are nice too--the red one could be a lot of fun to carry--how big is it? I love red bags, especially with a black and white outfit--it just POPS!

  9. could you model the small blush gauffre? i am really tempted now. you mean the brown E/W gauffre you have is too large? guess what, i have that ginormous frame version... :p and i am only 5'4'' ish. most of the time i carry it for look, and when shopping i could just stuff everything in there, which then became a bummer to carry as it became heavy! i suppose there is a reason why a bag of a certain size is not carried around town fully stuffed...
  10. ^Sure..Ill post a pic wearing it tomorrow for ya.It is the PERFECT size..I swear.
  11. Love this bag!!! Saw it at my local Neiman Marcus, it's gorgeous. :drool: :love:
    The leather is just lovely, it's sooo soft.

  12. That last bag is just beautiful, although I must say that I would be scared to dirty it. It looks so soft and yummy.....
  13. I love this blush Gauffre! Very nice!! When you get tired of it let me know.:graucho:

    As much as I adore red bags, that one's a bit over the top for me. I just can't see you liking it either Jill, but you never know!
  14. Oh Jill I love the blush Gauffre, stunning.
  15. sittin here lookin at my red hot bag...lol..wondering if its too darin a color for me...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...... i actually like this gauffre style alot...