New model

  1. Hi Hermes lovers!
    This site is fab.! The reason why I am here is because I saw a pic in a magazine that Hermes has a new slouchy travel carry-on bag in bull-calf leather, but was whisked away by my husband before I could catch the name.
    The mag. was 'Travel and Leisure'.
    Can someone help?
  2. Hi, there are two that have been discussed here recently: the 'Lindy' and the 'folded Kelly'. Check the search function and you will be guided to the appropriate threads. AFAIK nobody here has seen them yet IRL.
  3. Hi cr1557- the bag featured in the Nov. T&L issue is the Frontiere PM travel bag, $8900. HTH
  4. That's it - the Frontiere ..... thanks Milou!
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