New model speedy question!

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  1. Hi I just brought a new model speedy 35, I have noticed that one of the handles on the bag has 2 longer stitches on one side and one longer stitch on the other side of the handle. Does anyone know if this would be the same on all of the bags? Thanks Dee:smile:

  2. Can you please post a photo of this????

    Both sides, so we can see what you are talking about……
  3. Hi thanks for answering me, I took the bag into the store and looked at a couple of other bags and they were all the same. I think they changed the way the bags are stitched, my old speedy was back stitched and the new ones are not done like that anymore and they have a few longer stitches instead.
  4. Please post a picture, I would like to see this. Please post a picture even though your issue has been solved!!! :smile:
  5. Hi I will try to take a picture of it. Thanks

  6. I would LOVE to see a photo of this as well…

    I hope you can post one, I am very curious about this… :smile:
  7. They have changed the stitching because they have changed to puffier chads. It's normal.
  8. :useless: