New Mobile phone


Which phone shall I pick?

  1. LG Prada

  2. Samsung U600

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i'm voting for the prada phone, only because I wish it were more readily available in the US!
  2. ^ Is it not available in the US?

    I am swaying towards the prada as I haven't seen anyone with it and think it is a bit different!
  3. Not really a fan of the Prada phone :s
  4. Do you like the samsung lami?
  5. I would choose the Samsung, the Prada phone is quite bulky and heavy.
  6. I would wait for the iphone.
  7. When is the iphone out do you know?:smile:
  8. Isnt there already tons of people waiting for the Iphone though?
    I love the prada phone it's nice i like the look of it it's really cute!
    I want the prada phone & Sidekick3 :love:
    not crazy about that samsung..
  9. My vote goes to the Prada phone. It's so chic & unique.
  10. Prada is cool, but I think the N95 might be better
  11. Some sites are saying June 11th. Some are saying June 15th.
  12. ^^^ Thanks!
  13. ^ Thanks for the reviews Charles:smile: