new MJ!

  1. i just got this in the mail today. anyone know what season this is?

    and though i'm almost positive that it's real... how would i tell if it's fake?


  2. Gorgeous color! I sure hope it's real!

    If you want some help authenticating, post pics in the Authenticate This sticky. You'll probably want to include pics of the hardware, name plate, zippers (front and back), and handles.

    Congrats! She's a beauty!! :yahoo:
  3. I love the color!! :love: Congratulations!!
  4. Congrats! I :heart: the multipockets.
  5. This is gorgeous!
  6. It is beautiful. The texture of the leather look right. So does the hardware. I think it's real. Check the zipper heads inside of the bag. They should say "riri" on them. I'm not a color combo expert, but there are plenty of girls on this forum who are. They could tell you the name of the color of the bag, and what color the interior should be. It's gorgeous. enjoy it!
  7. hi, i have that exact same bag.i have the small mutipocket. the color is called bright blue and its from two years ago.
    as for the authenticity you can ask me to compare anything feature with mine.
  9. ^^ In her defense it wasn't an ENTIRELY authenticate this thread. It was also a 1/2 gloating thread lol. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone. I don't mean to offend anyone, but we're all here in fun, do we have to be so strict? (Don't hurt me lol) I can understand though telling people not to solicit their e-bay sales. That's annoying.
  10. That color is gorgeuos!! I've never seen that!!! Congrats!! I lOVE it!!!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  11. Frances Bean, I feel the same way.. haha. Anyway, great color!!!!
  12. we mods work quite hard to DE CLUTTER the forums.....all day we are just trying to organize the best we can.all authenticty questions will be in the auth this area only.Please PM me if you have any further questions.we are only here to help.
  13. Rules keep the machine well oiled. Trust me, we dont enjoy having to take care of threads that people post in the wrong areas. It takes away from our time to enjoy the threads. :idea:
  14. um, sorry? but... the main purpose was to just show everyone.
  15. I think your MP is a very pretty color. Congratulations.