New MJ Margot!!! **pics**

  1. Hi ladies I just wanted to share my new beauty. I got this in the mail last week and finally got pictures up. I actually had some store credit for quite some time now and since they expire within a year I actually HAD to go to west LA to check out the boutique. I had some friends from Germany visit and decided to make a trip for them and for myself. We went to the Beverly Center, it was actually my first time. I actually prefer SCP. Closer to me anyhow. I didn't get anything there. But I sure was excited to see what was in the boutiques. I visited MBMJ first and picked up a necklace, tote bag, and a mirror. I really wanted the long matte wallet in black, but they only had camel. I didn't really see anything interesting. Ran over to MJ and looked around. Nothing caught my eye and I felt like I'd have to pick something I wasn't in love with or else my credit would expire. A really nice SA came to my rescue. He brought out one bag that I actually kind of liked and didn't mind having. I carried it around with me browsing around some more and then a miracle happened. He ran over to the men's store and came back with a BEAUTIFUL Margot bag. I instantly fell in love. I believe the color he showed me was either white chiffon or ivory. I really wanted that particular one, but I already have a quilted white chiffon blake. I really didn't want 2 bags that looked similar. I wanted a black one anyway. He showed me a brown color, but it didn't really make me tingle. So I asked what other colors were available and he said just black and the other 2. So I said ok I'll take the black. He then crushed me and said they were out, but he'd check with other stores. And thankfully a store in NY had some. So he would have it shipped. I was disappointed that I was charged $20 for shipping though. But it didn't bother me after it came. It is GORGEOUS. I don't know why I've never even noticed this bag before. It's not on the website. But I'm very pleased with the SA, his name was Andrew. Very sweet guy. Finally, here are some pics! I was thinking about doing a strip tease, but..... I know how we all hate that, lol.

    I also added the small family pic.

    Quilted White Chiffon Blake
    Ivory zip wallet
    Quilted Margot Blake
    MBMJ Tote
    MJ Mirror
    IMG_0469.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0462.jpg IMG_0472.jpg
  2. Here are some more pics.
    IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0473.jpg IMG_0463.jpg
  3. Ooooh! Nice bag, I really like it! Actually I like both of the bags, and the wallet! Yay!
    BTW, what kind of puppy is that? it is ADORABLE!
  4. Wow, it's gorgeous!! Congrats to you!

    I'd be a bit peeved about the shipping as well.. I can't believe he didn't waive it or something.
  5. I love your new bag!!! Your MJ family is gorgeous. :heart:
  6. thats a really cute bag!

    i normally dont like quilted styles that much, but that margot looks really good.
  7. He's a Siberian Husky. And thanks, I'm so excited about it. I just ordered some apple care products to apply to both my bags and wallet.

    I asked about the shipping and he said he couldn't do anything about it. Thought it was kind of weird since I didn't order directly online and $20 seems a lot just for shipping. But I guess it would have been the same if I had to drive back to pick it up. I live about 1 hour away from Melrose.

    I REALLLLLLLLY LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. It's a lot lighter than my blake which tends to get quite heavy after awhile. Can't wait to wear her out!! :yahoo::heart:
  8. OH NO! I just noticed on my list I put Quilted Margot Blake. DOH! What on earth was I thinking... I meant to put black, lol.
  9. She's a winner!
  10. WOW!! That bag is really really cute!!! I love it! I love your quilted Blake (I want one so bag) and the ZC to match (I need one so bad). Your whole collection is perfect!!
  11. I love it!! :love: You have a gorgeous family! Congrats!!
  12. That bag is so cute! And maybe I'm a hussy, but I love a good bag strip tease. :p
  13. thanks for the pics! you're new bag looks fantastic. congrats!
  14. i don't think i have ever seen this bag, it is lovely! can you tell me the retail on this bag and what season?
  15. your collection is gorgeous! congrats! love that these easily fit over the shoulders. and the zipclutch is cute too, but everyone knows that!