NEW MJ Hobo fo rme - Newbie too!

  1. Hi All,
    Really excited. Last year got a SELMA during the NY MJ sale and yesterday evening got a MJ Newbury HOBO in Cocoa from Off 5th. They also had a few more MJ's left for anyone interested in the Phoenix area.

    So my new MJ ended up being under $400....Feel like a I got such a steal! Well last year's selma was a real steal:smile:

    I am in love with this bag. The color - which I wasn't sure was going to be too drab brown for me is gorgeous. Just the deepedst richest shade of milk chocolate. The bag hangs beautifully, perfect weight, can adjust the shoulder strap so it fits me perfect. Is SOOOOOO soft it just slouches and hangs great.

    Can u tell - I LOVE it:smile::smile:

    Now just need to find a zippered clutch in the same cocoa color. UGH - not finding this anywhere!!

    Well wanted to write and say hello and share my new MJ!!!

  2. congrats and welcome! it sounds like you have a lot of luck getting mj bags at great prices. i would love to see pics.

    just an ot question. you mentioned last year's mj sale. could you tell me when that occurred? i heard it's supposed to happen again this year, but i haven't heard much about it and the end of the year is approaching. tia!
  3. Thanks! Will take some pics this evening. I seem to recall the MJ sale around this time last year. Someone listed the sale here on the forum and a numer of different items they had for sale. I was able to call in and order 2/3 bags.

    Hopefully someone here will announce it when it is hapening. It really was a great sale. There were only a couple of styles available as I recall, in a couple of colors - but if you could live with those the prices were silly fantastic.

    EDIT...Found some info from last year...
    *****2006 INFO BELOW NOT 2007*****
    "One day sale friday dec 15th 2006
    Marc jacocs boutique mercer st phone no. 212-343-1490
    Small selma, large selma, tote
    in lavendar, taupe , teal. $195.00 each."
  4. Wow! Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!!
  5. congrats! you got great deals!
    hopefully someone will post the sale date for this year. i would love to go.
  6. The color sounds amazing!