New MJ Courtney!!! $500!!!

  1. Well, I'm so excited. I got me a Large Courntye!!! I know, I know, ebay is usually a bad bad place...BUT, I really liked the seller....very believable, great pix, NOT a power seller...I NEVER buy from power sellers...and it's used which makes me believe it more....I know it's a risk..but there ARE deals on ebay...My MIL is selling a used once Louis GM cite or something dor $300 I know they CAN be found...I hope...think I found one!!!! and I haven't seen fakes of this bag! Anyhoo....I've always loved it....$500 on ebay!!! Outside perfect...inside only some signs of wear. I think I got a great deal!!! Just sharing!!!! Yippee!!!! I have been wearing my Susanah to death....glad to give her a break...was heartbroken to hear that my coveted single handle prada drawstring totes have been shopped back to Italia by the Prada stores b/c they weren't selling. Ugh! This makes me soooo happy :smile:
    courtney.jpg inside.jpg
  2. I have this same bag and it's called the Sienna :shrugs:

    and yes yours looks real :yes:
  3. I thought this was the courtney...there is the sienna and the courtney...the sienna is more round...
  4. Congrats, that's cute! Ebay is a GREAT place if you know what you're doing!
  5. I almost bought that bag!!! Congratulations!
  6. LOL..Sorry! :smile: Were you one of the bidders? I saw it as a buy it now and had to have it :smile:
  7. you are right. Similar bags but the Courtney seems to be wider at the bottom. Neverthless that was a good deal.
  8. No, I was just watching it along with several others! I am happy for you. You have to post pics when you receive it!
  9. She came and she's a beauty! The exterior is NOT perfect as described...but that's ok...I'm actually loving the style...surprised I don't see more of the Courtney here!!! I'm not a fan of the old lady marc styles I see lately!! I'll take pictures later!
  10. Please do. I would love to see more. Congrats.