new MJ bags in Elle 6/2006

  1. Elle (June 2006 US edition) features 2 Marc Jacobs bags that are ~2k. They are beautiful, but their prices seem to reach new height?

    10 Must-Buys for Fall: Oversize Bags
    ***Marc Jacobs Quilted cord bag -- $1850

    What Lies Ahead (A sneak peak at fall's must-have bags and shoe, plus the accessories trends you need to know about-from leopard-print to the new dominatrix platform heel).
    ***Marc Jacobs Plum suede bag -- $2150

    The Plum suede bag (style-wise, it's similar to Stam) looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. suedebag.jpg
  3. I'm not diggin' it.
  4. ^^Me neither. Don't like the design of the chain handles for one, too much purple suede for another. Not too keen on the overall look..
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