New MJ bag

  1. Has anyone seen the new Capra Satchel handbag by MJ. I saw it yesterday IRL and the leather and style is very nice. It is classy and dressy IMO. What do you
    think about it? This color is called smoke very nice color.

    [​IMG]compliments of
  2. I've seen it in the cinamon color. I love this bag! :drool:

    Too bad I'm on a purse ban until 2007.
  3. OMG. This bag is GORGEOUS!
  4. Yup, it's beautiful in real life. I love the chains. =)

  5. (source: eluxury)


  6. LOL.. DITTO!:P
  7. Oh that is really pretty! I love that black one! I love the chains.
  8. Wow! That is a pretty bag!
  9. I have seen the cinnamon too. I'm still not crazy about the chains, but it was hard to walk away from this bag.
  10. I love them.
  11. I saw it at my Nordies, but it just wasn't something I wanted.
  12. i like the cinammon color.
  13. Im not a big fan of chain handles on MJ bags..His bags are heavy enough..LOL
  14. ^ These chains aren't as heavy as those chains on Quilted Multipockets and Stams. =)

    The chains on Alfred and Soft Box Bag were so light too, I was so surprised that they weigh even less than Paddington Satchel. I tried all 3 styles during lunch today. =)