New Mj Bag On Elux

  1. [​IMG]I FREAKIN love this bag..LOL...What do you guys think????
  2. Mmmm... not sure... what are the dimensions? Do you know? Wish you could have seen the new Tote I saw today in Cashew. I thought of you, based on your previous posts! Sort of looked like this, but wider and maybe not as tall, and had two handles like this, but a bit shorter... wouldn't go over the shoulder, that's for sure. I may go back and take a pic tomorrow... I can't figure out what it is... it isn't on the MJ site. ???
  3. ^OOH! take pics for me!!LOL! YOU go girl!
  4. I was so mad I didn't have my phone on me, so I could take a pic with that. I had to lean on a table for a moment so I didn't hyperventilate, with all the new MJ bags they had at my Nordies today! I was just there last week, and then today... BAM! Like TWO DOZEN new bags! No kidding!
  5. Jill, I thought you didn't like chain handles?
  6. ^ I dont normally.This one has me really going..LOL..gotta see how heavy it is in person...bad hip.Cant carry heavy bags or I limp!
  7. Jill,

    I don't love Mischa (haven't seen it IRL), but it looks a lot better when it's worn on elux mannequin. With the chains, I'm sure it's on the heavy side. =( Maybe, you should go for Sporty Tote in Graphite, plus, it's $20 less than Mischa. =)

  8. Jill, no more chains!
  9. ^lmao!