New Miu Miu wallet & Matelasse tote!

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  1. This week, I bought also a Harlequin in the pink/red/black shades on sale (great deal!) from Renato at Miu Miu BH. He sent me photos of their new arrivals and I couldn't resist this top handle matelasse tote AND a new bright violet wallet! I love them both, but its raining at the moment here so I'll have to wait for better weather to use them. I am loving the saturated colorS!

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  2. Lovely colours!!...Congrats on your new purchases! :nuts:
    I like the small tote a lot!! :heart::heart:
    Is it in pink? as in this season's mughetto?

    Have been very tempted to get one but after all that spending in 2008, I figured I better give my cards a rest.

    Would you mind telling me how much you paid for it? Thanks ;)
  3. Love the colors! They're perfect for the styles you chose. Congrats!
  4. OOHHH. such eye popping colours! Very lovely.

    :wlae:We have similar taste. I got the same harlequin as you and I got the same matelasse tote, but in the darker metallic purple.:yes:
  5. Great new buys - great colors. Congrats!
  6. wow that's gorgeous! congrats
  7. God, I just love both of them. Amazing colours!
  8. Beautiful. Congrats on your bright shiny new purchases!
  9. the bag is so beautiful!!!!!
    love it so much
  10. Lucky you! I LOVE the colors, Congrats!
  11. Oh so delicious! Such popping colors! I love it and congrats!
  12. woow love them both!!!!
  13. great choices! how does the inside of the wallet look?
  14. very very very cute.. Love them:smile:)))
  15. Thank you everyone!

    Francis - The purse was about $1200, the color is called "Malva". The wallet was $375

    milodrinker - the inside of the wallet has 6 credit card slots on each side, plus an area for Bills and a zipped coin area. Its kind of like the Balenciaga Money wallets on the interior. I am enjoying it!