new miu miu patent leather bags!

  1. drooollls, available for preorder at Saks!:drool:





    I think I might have to get this at the next Saks gift card event.
  2. I love the top one, not feeling the coffer in patent though
  3. ditto.
  4. i love the top one! (and such gd price too)
    its such a tough many amazing, fun, and innovative bags came out this season!
  5. i want the patent satchel, but since i have the coffer in black leather, i feel like they're too the same...?
  6. I like it.
  7. The top one is really pretty--the bottom one just doesn't seem to be the "right" style for patent leather.
  8. Maybe it just looks too shiny (the coffer)... it looks like a designer trash bag hehehe
  9. ^Yeah I agree....I's too big and gathered to be patent IMO....The first one is cute!
  10. The first one is really pretty.