New Miu Miu for my birthay (tomorrow)

  1. Hi all! I'm italian, I always read this forum but I rarely write.Tomorrow (2nd of february) is my birthay and I would like to purchase a new bag :yahoo:

    Do you like this?

    Do you prefer black or beige?
    I fear to stain too much beige color...

    What is its name? Do you have it?

    I like this too:

    Which do you prefer?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. The first is the miu miu pocket tote. The leather is really soft & it is really practical because it has a shoulder strap and you can even adjust the arm strap . It also comes in ivory or grey, and so I'd recommend you look for the grey because it's gorgeous in that shade! Be warned, it's HUGE!

    I much prefer the ST COCCO TOTE, because it's more my style.
  3. Thank you, Katie :smile:
    Yes, it's very huge...I hope that oversize bags don't go out of style next year...they are so comfortables :smile:
    I didn't know that there is grey color too...I have to go to have a look at...
  4. I think you should buy the first bag.. the tote... its chillig. If you go to work or wherever.. and its still stylish...

    It also comes in grey and off white this summer.

    hope i helped!)
  5. thank you!
    The tote is making success! :tup:
  6. I like the second one!
  7. Thank you for expressing your opinion! :smile:
  8. what did you get? how do you like it?
  9. I purchased first one :wlae:
    The big big big bag :yahoo:
    My boyfriend tells me that it's taller than me ghghghgh

    Thank you for suggesting me!
  10. happy birthday to you~~~

  11. Thanks a lot, tulip!:smile:
  12. I like the second one a lot more!

    Ciao da un'altra Francesca :flowers:

  13. ahahahah an other italian! :woohoo:
    How many are we? :smile:

    (mi sento un po' cretina a parlare inglese con un'italiana ma la netiquette viene prima di tutto ahahahaha

    Translation: I feel a little bit fool speaking in english with another italian but netiquette it's really important :p)