New Miu Miu Coffers!

  1. I was browsing Neiman Marcus today and saw that there are two new coffers. One is black patent leather and the other is nutmeg leather. The nutmeg looked very soft and pretty. I guess I would have to see the patent leather in person. Not sure if it would be "too much" for that style of bag. It was less than the others at 1095, which surprised me. I am glad to see that they are not just for the one season. I wonder what other colors they will do. What does everyone think of the new coffers?
  2. I'm interested in seeing how the patent leather coffer looks. I also wonder how the nutmeg coffer looks. Is there much of a difference in the nutmeg and the brown leather coffer?
  3. Wow--I check that site every day. How did I miss it? That style really has caught on. I wish it was a bit smaller, but it's very innovative, IMO. *off to check NM online*
  4. ^^katgrrl, judging from the pics on NM, I would say the Nutmeg color is a much lighter brown than the Fall's brown leather... Almost like the Camel color for this Fall's Bbags! :yes: