New miu miu bow bag no dust bag?

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  1. Hi all,
    I just received my new miu miu bow from net a porter and it came in their usual box with no dust bag. Is this something new or is there something wrong here? I usually store all my bags in these so it was weird that it wasn't there but I don't get why.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Perhaps they have accidentally forgotten to include one?
    Have you emailed them?
  3. Yeh I just did then but they won't be open for a few hours yet. Normally they pack the bag in the dust bag then in the box but this has nothing. I thought it mght be inside but nothing. Unusual for them to leave it out.
  4. Is this for a new colour?

    Hmmm...after experience with my shoes (one 36.5 and the other one is 37) I think everything can happen..

    I am pretty sure that every bag comes with dustbag..I think they just accidentally forgotten to include one...

    Let's wait for what they have to say..

  5. It was the quarzo I think it is. Hope it's not too much hassle to get one!
  6. when I got a bag from net a porter back in December I got a net a porter dustbag as well as a miu miu should email them and let them know what happened, I am pretty sure they can send you one...they should anyways!
  7. Yeh I got a miu miu from them a few weeks ago from their sale and it came in one. Just hope they make it easy enough without having to send the while thing back for an exchange. I'm going to call them when they open too.
  8. which miu miu did you get?
  9. Definitely email and ask... I bought a Gucci bag and they forgot to give me the dustbag too, so they ended up sending one back!
  10. Your bag is totally gorgeous, congratulations.

    May i know the colour name of the bag?

    I have one in Fumo but yours look better.
  11. Thank you, it is gorgeous, just wish I didn't have to chase this up!
    The colour is 'quarzo'
  12. Terri berri, net a porter sells gucci? I didn't know that....

    Jaime, congrats!!
  13. Hey there, is it possible to post a few pictures of your bag in real life? I'm planning to get it from there too but it looks different from some pictures online.

    How was the condition of your bag? No scratches or whatsoever right? :smile:
  14. #15 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I can post some after work. The bag itself was fine its just I think its odd they didnt pack it in a dust bag. They said when I called that they will send me one if they have any, doesnt sound to promising. I said they have heaps of the bag left so they should do. Anyhow I guess Ill wait a week then get back on the phone. Their customer service has been really shocking lately when Ive had to contact them. Im asking myself why I spend so much with them. I also have an order I placed Monday my time (its now Friday) sitting there processing... 24-48 hour dispatch my behind...