New Miu Miu Boutique in OC at Saks SCP!! Bow bag, or no bow bag?

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  1. Hi girls, I'm usually on the LV board, but I wandered over here because I just stumbled upon the new Miu Miu Boutique at Saks Southcoast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California.

    They apparently remodeled this space and brought in tons of bags. Many show bags. I was tempted today, but decided against buying now, because I have been on a bit of a handbag buying spree these past few months.

    They basically are fully stocked in every bag with every color because they just opened. I was helped by a really fantastic SA. Ask for Julia, she's the new manager there. She said she'll ship to wherever you live, too!

    Contact her at I will post photos of the bags available soon. Tell her Angie sent you!

    She is sending me photos of some new stock! I'll post when I receive! I'm so excited! :P

    Now the question is, should I break my ban! LOL! There were bow bags in soft gray and pink and they were so luxurious! Great price too! I've been overpaying at LV and Chanel! :graucho:
  2. Angie, post pic of these delish bows! I'm in need of one! :graucho:
  3. Saks4me, I saw them in two sizes...are you looking for the larger one or the smaller one? Julia says she can order in any color you want!

    I was leaning towards the larger one because it would serve as a chic work bag, but the smaller ones are so darn cute!!

    I will post Saks Miu Miu bag stock tomorrow!! ;)
  4. That would be most wonderful! Looking into the medium size but need color reference. I'm lovin' the bow.
  5. Please do post the bow bag pictures! I wish I checked the forum before I went to South Coast's Miu Miu yesterday...I live nowhere near Irvine. :sad:
  6. I hope she will send photos soon, but if you really are interested, she can ship any item for you...or order any item for you and ship it to your house (if they don't have it in stock). E-mail Julia at

    Let her know that Angie sent you and she'll take good care of you! ;)
  7. I just went to the boutique in BH today and they didn't have any Charms..
    I really want small Nappa Charm in Mughetto or Opale (seasonal 2011AW) or possibly cameo or some beige color..
    Do you know if the newly open one carries any of those bags by any chance?
  8. I would definitely e-mail Julia at and ask for that charm. If she doesn't have it in stock, she'll order it for you. I just saw her today and will be posting more of what she has in stock. Let her know Angie sent you, she'll take great care of you! ;)
  9. Stopped in at Saks today and was so excited to see the Miu Miu space. Love that there is another option to the Miu Miu boutique.