New Miu Miu Ads with F/W Bags

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  2. ^^I love that bag!
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  5. I've seen all three bags at my local boutique.

    The first is already sold out. It comes in nude pink (TDF!!! GORGEOUS) and grey. The nude pink comes in two sizes, and the grey comes in three including a really nice one in a super large size. Both are gorgeous, but the nude pink has that WOW :nuts: factor.
    The leather is super soft and nice.

    The second bag comes in grey, white, black. I think it comes in brown too (NM website) but I didnt see it in the boutique.

    The third bag was suprisingly not as nice in real life. Mainly because of the leather which I expected to be soft and supple. Instead it is VERY hard/rigid.The leather is unevenly patterned - it's supposed to look vintage so it's supposed to look kind of "used" and "dirtyish" so there are "marks" on the bag, part of the "design", instead it kinda makes it just look dirty. If someone wants to buy this bag, I highly suggest seeing it in person first! I saw it in shocking/bright pink (photo) and beige.
  6. thanks so much for these!! : )
    im loving that second grey one, does anyne know what its called?
  7. I like the grey one as well...
  8. i like the grey one as well, but it looks like it may be mega-huge.

    i love the colors in the first picture. so bright and modern.
  9. The grey is a huge bag, similar in size to the new large matelasse tote. It would make a nice weekend bag.

    Estimated prices (rounded off to US$)

    Bag One - 1,250

    Bag Two - 1,345

    Bag Three - 1,400
  10. wow, i love the 1st one....
  11. I like the first one.
  12. fYI

    the second bag comes in pink too but it is a limited edition with only 100 produced throughout the world. i saw it in a chinese mag with the price tag of 9650 HKD.

    each pink bag has a tag says 'Peking Road 2007, Limited Edition No 001/100' the first 3 digits is different on each bag, it counts from 1-100. pretty cool.

    oh the pink is like Vuitton Frombasis vernis color. very pretty. i hope to get my hand on one.
  13. I could be wrong but I believe the pink limited edition ones have been sold out.
  14. I'm loving #2. Thanks for these pics!!
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