New Mitzy Messengers

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  1. Just had an email from Mulberry to say they've been released for sale.

    Getting the Butter yellow as planned :yahoo:
  2. I think they've all gone!!
  3. Wow that was fast - glad I got in there. The Blueberry have all gone too!
  4. Gosh that was quick .... or somebody is playing with 'how many in the basket before sold out' game???

    Love colour & perfect contrast with strap! hope you got it Hew!? - sorry crossed post, well done Hew!
  5. I got mine (barring Mulberry's usual stock issues). I do love the how many in a basket game! But it wasn't me!
  6. I was soooo tempted by the blueberry so I'm quite pleased they've gone!
  7. I love the Blueberry colour, but not as keen on the wrinkled leather - which it was a pebbled leather like the butter. Glad you were rescued from temptation Roxy - I'd been waiting for this release so it was on my planned purchase - esp. after I decided against Alexa.
  8. They have med Mitzy Hobos on the store too
  9. They both look divine...! Can't wait to see your pics, Hew!
  10. Thanks Lillemy!
  11. I love this colour and I can't wait to see your pics.
  12. When are you expecting your new bag to arrive Hew? I'm really looking forward to seeing your pics!
  13. Ooh the butter looks so lovely, well done speedy gonzalez! :biggrin: looking forward to the reveal!
  14. shoot me now lol ;) :biggrin:

    Why do I want so many bags just now :biggrin:
  15. Ohhh Hew! :yahoo: I am so pleased you got one, I feel much better about having my turquoise beauty now! The butter looks TDF, you have to take lots of photos of her for us! :hugs:

    Chloe... did you give in to temptation?