New Miss Dior Promenade pouch

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    I was browsing the Dior website and there are several new bags. One of the bags that caught my attention was the Miss Dior Promenade pouch. It's similar to the ever-so-popular New Lock Promenade pouch, but there are some stand-out details that make it as desirable, if not more so.

    The detachable chain strap now includes D I O R charms, and the attachment point is very discreet (almost hidden, unlike on the New Lock pouch). The sides of the pouch also feature the Cannage pattern.

    The design is refined and simple, and made elegant with the beautiful Miss Dior lock. What's more? It features luxurious contrast lambskin lining.

    It is listed at 900 Euros, which is the same price as the New Lock pouch.

    What do you guys think of this new beauty?

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  2. It looks lovely! I'd love to see it in store soon. Do you know if it will be as roomy as the NLP? It seems a bit more structured in the picture.
  3. I was browsing the Dior website yesterday and it caught my eye also. I think it's very cute and I can't wait to see it in the store. I've been eyeing the Miss Dior clutch but I really want a bright colour and it only comes in black lambskin or tweed/satin. This would be a great alternative if they have other colours. Does anyone know what colour options are available? Thanks very much :smile:
  4. Wow I didn't know it also came in tweed! Sounds like a great way to get a Dior tweed bag at an entry-level price, because usually Dior tweed bags are very expensive.

    The dimensions of this bag are almost identical to the New Lock pouch, except it has a side width of 1.81 inches while the New Lock pouch has a side width of 1.38 inches, meaning that the Miss Dior pouch is wider.
  5. Sorry AJ, I meant the Miss Dior clutch comes in tweed/silk and black lambskin. The clutch is much larger than the Miss Dior promenade pouch but smaller than the Miss Dior bag. The clutch also doesn't come with a chain.

    Below is a link of a velvet version worn by Olivia Palerno from a while ago. My SA from the Holt Renfrew Dior said that its about $3000 but my SA from Vegas quoted me $2050. That's quite a different price so I am not sure what the actual price is. But the Holt Renfrew Dior boutique had a black lambskin clutch in stock and it was gorgeous. If the promenade pouch has more choices in colours I would prefer to get it because it will be more affordable.
  6. There is no way that the Miss Dior clutch is $2050. The SA must've quoted the wrong style. It should be around $2600 USD. The Anselm Reyle version in metallic yellow leather was $2700.

    I saw the gold and black tweed version from a year ago and that was $3000 at Holt Renfrew.

    I'm sure the Miss Dior Promenade pouch will come in more colours eventually. I can see this bag becoming a new best-seller. It looks much nicer than the Chanel WOC in my opinion.
  7. I was offered this on the last week of march in Paris when I was purchasing a new lock pouch for my aunt. I was told
    it's 1000 or 1100€! Perhaps the SA quoted the wrong price since its new. One cool thing about this was there's actually a real key for the lock!
  8. Looks like something I may get. Anyone know the color availability and cost in US?
  9. I was at Dior today and this will cost the same as the new price for the New Lock pouchette. They did have the Miss Dior mini bags which were adorable! They had it in black and in the royal blue...just gorgeous.
  10. this is quite exciting, I loved the New Lock pouch, although I liked the contrasting lining colour of the Miss Dior, but didn't really like the boxy structured look so much, this is middle ground between the two of them. I really like the charm on the side of the pouch though, definitely a smaller version of the Miss Dior! It seems that this pouch is slightly longer (and shorter in height) in comparsion to the Miss Dior bag and the New Lock pouch though, or is it just me?
  11. This is so cute! I like the Dior charms and the more structured look.
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    I think it's just the way the pouch looks in the picture. Both pouches have the exact same width.

    Miss Dior Promenade pouch dimensions: 22 x 15 x 4.5

    New Lock Promenade pouch dimensions: 22 x 13 x 3.5
  13. Here is the Royal Blue version:

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  14. thanks for that joe, it was the height I was referring to, but it seems strange that the Miss Dior pouch is 2cm taller but seems longer and shorter? It must just be the photo like you say
  15. Sorry I meant height (oops) :biggrin:

    Dior stock photos don't always present the product to its most accurate detail. I think that the pictures of the Royal Blue version are more true to the real thing than the Black version (the Royal Blue one doesn't look as elongated).
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