New Mischa Bag Thoughts?

  2. Please include the pic or link. Thanks.
  3. I like this bag too, very practical yet sophisticated and classic.
  4. I got it in emerald quilted from Marc and it is gorgeous. I'm a green freak though and so the dark emerald with the quilting was no contest for me. I really wanted the large tote in the dark emerald but they didn't end up making it so this was the next best thing. Since it's a tiny bit longer than the Sophia without the pockets I can actually get all my crap in it. I have had sooo many compliments. maggie
  5. I LOVE them. I think I prefer the tote though.
  6. I'm loving this bag. I'm thinking about getting it in Black. It is a good, practical shape.
  7. For me the when I had the tote over my shoulder the front and back poof out kind of wide. Hard to explain. For a tote I thought it was nicer on the arm and I've become a shoulder girl most of the time. maggie
  8. I think it's cute, but prefer the smaller version of the bag. Have you seen it? I'm not sure what the name is, but I saw the smaller version at Neiman's recently. It's taller (upright) versus more rectangular. It was very cute.
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