New Miroir Vidéo on

  1. Did ya guys see it? They put up a Mono Miroir section now on But it's just a quick intro flash about the line, not really something where you can buy them or anything like that.
  2. :supacool: !
  3. its been a while there
  4. I've seen it and dispite the obvious problems the mirior line may run into over time I love all these items :smile: .
  5. they also come in gold
  6. Oh yes we know ;)
  7. I love the miroir line too
  8. Hey, did you guys notice.. the shoes are made with 'Monogram Miroir LEATHER' !!!!!!!!!!!! :wtf:

    Why didn't they make the bags in the same leather? :shrugs:
  9. They look awesome! I wanna see if they have that in my SoHo boutique :yes:
  10. oh my god, the shoe!!
  11. I love the line but the shoes are TOO MUCH - not money, too gaudy for my tastes or shall I say - I don't care for them!!!