New Miroir Info...just found out

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  1. :crybaby: Spoke to someone VERY LV savy at the 866 number and she said she has been told they will NOT be getting a second shipment of Miroir. Whatever the stores have got, is it.
  2. I had a feeling about this.
    All I can do is :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  3. Really! :wtf: I wonder why there has been so much talk about a second shipment?
  4. too bad =(
  5. I think the SA s just say what they feel ... I would not give up hope - there are probably more around than people think
  6. Wow...scary....
  7. Will you still get a gold speedy Selena??
  8. I dont think so now Sunshine. She was VERY sure about this information. She said its been one problem after another with the production of the pieces. So I think it might not happen for me :sad:
  9. I think... that the ALLOCATION is done (which stores will get how many pieces of what). However, not all stores have received all of their allocated pieces yet (in transit, stuck in customs etc..).

    So.. from the store's point of view, there are second 'shipment's coming.

    From Vuitton's point of view, all shipments have been sent.

    That's what I think.. :yes:
  10. Hmmm...I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  11. I really wonder what the problems were during production?? Anyone?
  12. I've been wondering the same. :shrugs:
  13. It's really just starting to dawn on me just how rare these pieces are I mean both Selena & Twinkle.Tink where the only ones at their LV parties with one!!

  14. I wonder if the problems in production will cause problems post production????
  15. My guess is that the bag just took to long to make. The price is relatively cheap for something with such a WOW factor. Having mine and looking at it, its really well made. Its alot of details. The rivits are nice, the hardware is different. I took mine out all night and not a scratch on it. That was one of the issues I was worried about. The girl at 866 also said that it was not meant to be an everyday bag...more of a once in a while. KWIM?