New Miranda coming???

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  1. I just read that the Miranda is coming out in patent leather with a detachable strap.
    This is supposed to be out March 3.
    The gal who posted this info is a big Coach fan and got this info from her SA.
    Anybody else hear this?
    I would LOVE that bag in patent!:heart::heart:
  2. Sounds amazing. I would like to see a black patent Miranda.
  3. That sound cute I would love to see a pucture
  4. didnt hear that one but i know the miranda is coming in navy blue
  5. would like to see a patent miranda, would be interesting, but not for me-i am not into the patent stuff.
  6. its coming in another popular coach material too... not jacquard :graucho:
  7. Oh Kat, that's sounds nice too! Let us know if you hear anything. This gal said she was shown the pic from the book so hopefully it's true!
  8. Denim maybe???? Now there's a thought!:yahoo:
  9. Now what kind of material is the Navy Miranda coming out in? The same Pebbled Leather?
  10. yeah the navy is in pebbled leather.. its in the book too...

    fluffy good guess but no... you re very close though!!
  11. You're killing me Kat!:confused1: Can we have a clue?
  12. Hmmm... there's canvas, cotton, the new heritage coated canvas...
  13. ding ding ding canvas!!!! either march or may!! it is gorgeous!!!
  14. OMGosh! Does this mean I have to start thinking about Miranda #3???:rolleyes:
  15. Kat, is the canvas Miranda trimmed out with leather like the canvas legacy bags were? Any hints at color combos? Any pink?? (and please tell me it isn't crocodile embossed pink!) I haven't been interested in the Miranda in leather because of the weight of it but canvas might be OK! LOL!