New Mini Skinny

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  1. It's from a pilot line at my local boutique...Love those SA's there! It's a little crooked, I'm going to go back and see if they are all a little out of kilter... I had a bad day and treated myself to this little goodie. ;) Comes in white also. There was also a convertible cross body bag in the white patchwork.

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  2. I like that I love the color of it anything pink is my favorite lol
  3. She's an absolute beauty! Too, too cute. I'm usually not a fan of Patchwork but this I love! The light pinkish, lilac color is to die for!

    yay Congrats!!
  4. Thanks! Plus there's no pesky suede on it to get dirty!
  5. Wow, very cute! I really don't tend to like patchwork, but this is just so delicate and cute! Congrats!
  6. That's super cute! I hope they put out a matching bag!
  7. ^^I hope so too. And if they appliqued a butterfly to it...I'd be delirious!
  8. It is pretty. Congrats.
  9. love it!!!!!
  10. Aw, hope you have a better day. Very cute mini!
  11. I like the pink leather trim on it, so cute
  12. Thanks! I haven't liked the last few patchworks so I'm very happy with this one!:tender:
  13. Too cute, usually not a fan of patchwork but this one is adorable!
  14. very very cute!
  15. Pretty colors!