new mini shopper tote

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  1. I just tried this on in BV Las Vegas. I like the look of Nero color on me vs. Fraise. It reminds me of Campana though but it is lighter. I love the look when it's corners folded. I did not buy it. Quite a few leftovers from BV sales especially the large bags such as convertibles. The SA said today is the last day.
  2. Does anybody know the price of this bag in Europe or UK please? For the small size. I fell in love with it today… Swoon...
  3. It's just released! I have a small cosmetics case in fraise, couldn't resist the color when I first saw it in the store.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1389683906.727821.jpg
  5. This is so lovely! You should make your own thread so this beauty doesn't get lost in somebody else's thread! I love this color! :biggrin:
  6. Sorry for crashing the thread - I got carried away.... Just posted a pic in the color reference thread! (And my wallet in electric blue too - I am waiting while DD has a doctor's appointment).
  7. I think Bottega doesn't suite me. But it's seem practicle.