new mini shopper tote

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  2. I love this small tote (smaller version of the Rete tote); I bought it in Nero. Besides the colors your mentioned, it's also available in Fraise, a deep red, on the berry side. I like the Fraise red much better than the current New Red which is a bright orangey red.
  3. Kelsey, what can you tell me about this bag? I don't have a store near me. It's caught my attention. Is it heavy, light? Does it fall close or faraway from your body. Does it stay on your shoulder? TIA
  4. Hi LLANeedle, I don't have the bag yet as I just purchased it while on vacation (in SF) and it's being shipped to my home when I get back. This bag is an exact smaller version on the Rete Tote which I already own and love. But the original Rete tote is too big for me to use as an every day handbag. For me, this smaller Rete tote is perfect for me to carry as an everyday bag. It's probably a Parachute equivalent to me (I'm a Parachute fan). It didn't feel heavy to me, probably the same weight as the Parachute but it is heavier than the large Veneta. I love the adjustable straps so you can wear as a shoulder bag or hand carry.

    This picture is a modeling pic from a SA.

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  5. Another modeling pic.

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  6. I tried this bag in the store. It was not heavy at all. It's a great size even for a petite person like me (5'4"). Makes a great every day bag!
  7. It's really pretty and looks very practical
  8. I agree it looks practical
  9. Now I am itching to see it in person!! Wonder if the friase color is in the store already......
  10. As of this past week the SF store (where I normally shop) did not have any Fraise color bags in yet. They only Fraise they had was a pair of gloves.

    I'm also anxious to see a Fraise bag IRL. :smile:
  11. Though not photos of the mini shopper, the color is the Fraise. Got them from the :ninja:

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  12. This color is so pretty!
  13. chungwan, I want to see this bag, too. It looks like a perfect size!
  14. Fraise color is so pretty. Which season is that?
  15. I saw this tote bag in black today. I agree that it looks very practical. I want to see it in green and walnut. Has anyone seen it in these colors yet?