New Mini Losange Scarf

  1. For interested H collectors, there is now a new mini Losange scarf that has just been released. I saw the red and the black. Very cute, and recommended to accessorize bags like the twillies.
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for this info Mrssparkles!!
  4. There is also a navy blue version of the mini losange. Very cute!
  5. Thanks S.
  6. I Can't Wait......I Love The Losange & The Twilly!!!!!!
  7. Thanks MrsS! Those must look really pretty!
  8. Any pics perhaps?
  9. You're most welcome, everyone.

    Mediana, I didn't take any picture of it, sorry. I hope someone gets it soon and share it with all of us here. :yes:

  10. Sounds lovely. Thanks for the info!
  11. thanks mrssparkles! :yahoo:

    You always have new info for us. Is your SA super fantastic, or do you visit Hermes every week? :p

    I can't wait to see pictures.
  12. MsS is a VVVIP who visits the Hermes stores daily (or at least as often as we do our local grocery) and has a fantastic SA who dotes on her and helps her carry all her purchases to her limousine (chaffeured driven of coz)... :p
  13. MrsS you are always so informative and good to our members!
  14. Silly nonsense, archangel! :upsidedown: Thanks for making me laugh anyway.:lol::heart:
  15. Is there much difference size-wise between the mini and the regular size losange? I want to get one but can't decide which size.

    Now that I've read that there's a navy blue colour, that makes things even harder. What colour is the lining on the navy blue losange?

    Thanks! :smile: