new mini lin?

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  1. Does anyone know when the "new" mini lin collection will be released?
  2. i heard in march
  3. It's actually going to be a re-release of the Mini Monogram that they discontinued before. The colors they're offering are bleu, rouge, and I think maybe one other color?
  4. The new name for this line is "Idyll"....
  5. :smile:

  6. I was told that the third color is a beige. It was not pictured in the look book. The color names are unusual. I remember one being sepia...which we assumed is the rouge/burgundy color.
  7. I don't know unfortunately about 'beige'.
    I saw three colors...dark brown, the grey/blue one with blue handles and a light bordeaux.

  8. Thanks abelia! How does the mini lin feels? Does the material feel like the usual or thicker?
  9. I like everything... :P...
  10. You're welcome, chinchin_lim ! :smile:

    I try to remember me if I touched the material...:thinking:
    I think its a little bit thicker than the 'old' one.

    The new mini lin models (one looks like the Mahina solar) are more stiff.

  11. CB: lol...
  12. The bag looks small.... is this 25 or 30?

  13. Crazy Bag ! :biggrin:

  14. chichin, it should be 30.

    But sometimes are in Paris 30 centimeters only 28 cm . :greengrin:
  15. the leather strip by the side that hold the buckle for long strap-- does it go down to the base?

    sorry I have so many Q!