New Mini Lin Dune Owners

  1. Hello All,

    just purchased a speedy for my wife, w/o inspection. Why would you do that with a LV product. Here is my dilema. I am looking at the bag and it appears there are streaks in the material, small but noticable upon inspection. There also appears to be small material (almost looks like a snag) visible. Lastly the stitching on the bag ovelaps in some of the pattern, actually interrupting some of the shapes.

    Am I being too critical or has anyone else noticed it? I must admit it takes a close inspectionto see most of what I described. Should I exchange or keep? I will post pictures once my camera battery charges.

    Thank you
  2. change if u r not totally happy with it..
  3. I think the Mini Lin is going to be very hard to take care of, esp. in the Dune.
    I have a mini lin wallet in ebene, and I sometimes wish I didn't buy it. :sad:
  4. The streaks and "snags" are typical for linen. It's from the weaving. But some of the bags have no "snags", that's why I inspected mine very closely when I bought it. But the "snags" won't get any worse. Linen is very durable.
  5. i think it is fine....
    if you arent happy with it, exchange it..
  6. thanks for all the replies, looked at some more at the store-ended up getting Damier Speedy 30 and matching wallet in Azure. this trip ended up costing
  7. That is how mine is too. I think that is just the way they are made. I love mine more than anything and I would never think of giving it up!
  8. gheaden-Welcome! that's very sweet of you to ensure your wife get the best in LV, i am sure she will :heart: the gifts!
  9. I have the damier speedy 30 too and :love: it. Classy but easy to use, just great! You're really sweet to ask and welcome to tpf!
  10. Thanks to all of you for your replies and welcome to tpf. This forum is great.
  11. I would exchange it if you are not happy, but I just got my Ebene Mini Lin Speedy 2 days ago and it's almost the same as you're describing. The are about 2 little tiny snags in the fabric, but it's eventually going to happen anyway b/c it's made of linen and it is harder to take care of. Mini Lin id beautiful though!
  12. welcome and i am sure your wife will love her gift. lucky lady! :smile:
  13. I checked out 3 in the store this weekend and they ALL looked like that. I think it's a consequence of the Dune fabric. Dissappointing. If it bothers you I think it might be best for an exchange for another type of bag.
  14. Welcome!! Im sure that your wife will love it ;)