New mini lin croisette

  1. Someone posted photos from the new lookbook and it listed a new color mini lin croisette. It did not show a photo of the color. What color is that close to?
  2. Two new colors are coming out as part of the Cruise collection - a red stripe and a blue stripe. You can find pics in either the Cruise 08 thread or the Fall/Winter thread.
  3. There are two colours of Mini Lin Cruise coming out one is red the other is blue, I was always under the impression that Croisette had something do with the name of the collection but maybe not
  4. Ok i just looked it up Croisette is in Cannes but Dior have an eye palette of blue's called Blue croisette

    so Croisette refers to the blue
  5. I hope it is a nice color.
  6. The red looked pretty light in the pics, but the blue looks good.
  7. The colors are kind of faded/washed and blended with khaki over and off-white background. Very beachy and summery.
  8. I am really thinking about the red marina, but unsure if I should go for PM or GM. PM looks really small. What do you guys think?
  9. The PM is roughly the size (but not shape) of black denim the neo cabby MM. I had the opportunity to try it on at the cruise event a couple of months ago. Like the cabby, it can be worn over the shoulder or hand-carried (it has a long strap and handles).
  10. im excited! these bags are really pretty!
  11. Thank's for the info!!:tup: