New Mini Lin colors?

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  1. Does anyone know if/when LV will be making the Mini Lin in any other color combos??

  2. I hope so! I wouldn't purchase it in anything too light though. It would show dirt! EWW.
  3. Yuck! That would not be cute!!

    I love your Mini Lin Speedy but I have SO MANY brown bags...I feel like I finally need to get more variety!!! A la the Azur!!! :smile:
  4. Navy Blue Mini Lin? :shrugs:
  5. Oooh that would be hot!!!

    What about something with pink?? Yay or nay??
  6. there will be a light khaki-ish color that will come out..there was a previous thread about this..
  7. I say nay... what color would the piping/handles be?

    What about... gray? Silver? Gold?
  8. Hmm I will have to search the forum...thanks, Rensky!!

    John-- a really cool grey would be soooo yummy!!!!

    Silver or gold would be nice too:smile:
  9. yeah!! pink would be good! :yes:

  10. MMM I would love it in black with silver LV's!
  11. chocolate brown!
  12. I think they should have MC mini lin :lol:

    I think that'd be cute as:yahoo:
  13. There will be a new color called "Dune"
  14. I'd like it if the mono print is a bit shimmery or something. I thought it would with ebony for some reason and it wasn't.
  15. I agree:yes:
    I also hope that they will remove those horrible white stitches and will replace them with another color:yucky:
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