New Mini Lin Color

  1. Just flipping through my new holt renfrew magazine i got in the mail today. Pictured is a speedy in the new mini lin color. I must say, its very pretty. I wasn't really attracted to the mini lin when it first came out, but as soon as I saw this, i think i might have to go put my name down for it. Will post pics soon!!! :p
  2. :yahoo: YAY!!! congrats! can't wait to see the pics
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ^ ahhh it looks gorgeous!!
  5. that's dune
  6. It's the new Dune color! Very pretty! I saw ot today at the store!
  7. i saw it today at the store too! it looks very pretty and simple.
  8. I saw it today and it was beautiful! I like this color. I think I might get it for my b-day!
  9. The Mini Lin in Dune is stunning!
  10. hw many colors does it come in?
  11. OMG this is gorgeous! This has to be my b-day present :smile: I cannot se the colour on :confused1:

    Also thinking about the diaper bag in blue og pink (hoping that I'm pregnant)... That could be so cool... :supacool:
  12. looks like it would soil easily. what do you think?
  13. It's pretty but beware of dirt. The one I saw in the store recently was already a bit dirty.
  14. But can't you spray it with something??? :shrugs:

  15. nvm, i researched and found out. :yes: