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  1. Anybody have one yet? I am seriously considering purchasing one. It would be great for once I am in the car most of the time doing real estate again.
  2. How cool. Do you have a pic?

    Only if they're Macs would I consider purchasing one...
  3. Are you talking about that new Sony one or whatever that was profiled recently? It looks cool but at $950 and not enough of the functions that I need, it really isn't practical fo rme. Real estate however is a totally different field so I am thinking practicality from my perspective is really a moot point. I would likely wait just a bit... I'm assuming that they may be a bit buggy since it is so new so you may want to wait for them to work out a few kinks. Also, you wouldn't want it to be the next "iPhone" where the price drops after only a few months.
  4. My father has one - it's an Acer and he paid like $300 for it. It's very cool and it seems to run well. Probably depends on what kind of programs you want to run on it. For simple internet and email, it works great.
  5. I just bought a HP Mini 1030 for 399.99 at best buy Saturday when I took my laptop in as my niece spilled water all over it and really needed something for school as I'm waiting for mine to be replaced or fixed hoping replaced. I'll take pics in a few.
  6. Asus were the original umpc with their 7" screen. They have a great reputation with their 8.9" 901s. It's about the same size, just expanded to full screen. Only 2 lbs. There are others with different features at dif prices. I paid a little more but i wanted the 7 hr battery, bluetooth, and webcam. If you do a google search there are sites that do a good comparisson so you can see what works for you.
  7. Dell has one.. cool idea.
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    This is the exact one I was looking at! It is so cute!

    All I would really need it for is email, and internet. I was kinda bummed it didnt have a DVD player, but then I remembered, hello I can just buy a flash drive and store my movies on there! and plug that in!

    Here is HPs:

    Click here to see the HP mini
  9. i saw some at sams club - not sure who the maker was tho. very cute.
  10. Yes I got the acer in PINK! I got it for when I travel and it works amazing and its so tiny :smile:
  11. My little nephew got the Acer one from Costco I believe for $300+. A month or so later the HP mini came out and he wished he held out for that one.
  12. My dad has the Acer one- it seems to run really well. I think I might get one myself!
  13. i'm really liking the new sony p, though it's pricier than the other netbooks but it's not *really* a netbook since it runs full vista. the specs are a little crappy and the batt life is low, but it's pretty sleek looking and ultra light (1.5 lbs i think). you can also hook it up to a monitor for at home use then pop it in your bag for on the go use. my only hesitation is it's not powerful at all and the batt will die pretty quickly.
  14. I bought my daughter the asus eee pc and she loves it $265.00
  15. i have the acer eee one and i loveeeee it! Perfect size for "starbuck usage"!! Def shop around though...i know they have a couple models, either with extra memory or a imbedded webcam -- same price but i chose more memory over a camera! :smile: