New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. Omgoodness congrats on everyone's new minis!
    Now I'm curious if Dior sells the chain strap separately!
  2. Dior doesn't sell straps as accessories.

  3. I wish they did! But maybe the chain strap wouldn't look nice for the medium LD.
  4. ONG absolutely gorgeous and stunning color~!!!!
  5. How do you guys carry this bag? On shoulder using the chain or handle?
  6. So Pretty!!!
  7. This is interesting... so you are not supposed to condition this specific leather with any kind of cream or lotion? I'm asking because I saw this one yesterday and my heart totally fell for it. I didn't like the strap but it didn't matter that much because the color/finish is perfect. Is this tip specific to the leather being aged or to the leather having the metallic sheen? coz usually when travelling I just use my body lotion or face cream to touch up on my bag if it gets dirty...
  8. This has to do with the metallic finish on the bag, which is made of waxes. The waxes can lose luster if they are dissolved with hand creams/lotions/leather care products.

  9. Hmmmm now I need to re-consider... Thanks for the info, it's really good to know! Happy new year :biggrin:
  10. Congrats! Your bag is stunning. Love it!
  11. Hope anyone can help me; My new mini lady dior bag has the D charm backwards... I just noticed and it looks odd. Is this common?
    I did buy in boutique so it's authentic.
  12. Just rotate the D and it will be proper again. By rotating, I mean pull the bottom to where the top currently is, and it will look like an up-right D.

    Currently, you D is not backwards, but upside-down.
  13. Thank you feel embarrassed that was so easy corrected 🙈 Thank you averagejoe
  14. Cute!! Ill be deciding between this and the small boy now xp
  15. Would love to see how roo my the bag is.

    What does it normally fit in there?
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