New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. I saw this the other day when I was in Dior. Super cute!
  2. Wow gorgeous!
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    Last edited: Nov 30, 2014
    I got my first Dior bag and it's the new mini Lady dior

    I don't know the exact name of the color but the SA told me it was limited edition for winter 2014. It's a navy with pearl/metallic sheen, and shw.
    I find the strap a bit too long for my 1,62m height, but as crossbody it's perfect.

    Btw the SA didn't say anything about the care of the bag and I forgot to ask. Does anyone know if this specific leather (metallic/shiny) needs special care, can/ should it be treated with leather protecting spray or balms?

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  4. Congratulations!!! This is actually my favourite of the new chain-strap Lady Dior bags.

    The leather is actually aged calfskin. Do not apply any product on the bag because it may remove the beautiful metallic-like finish. Like any other leather product, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place, and avoid getting any oils (like hand creams and lotions) and water on the leather and it will look beautiful for a long time.
  5. Thank you so much for the help :smile:
  6. Lovely bag - congratulations!
  7. I actually tried on the new mini Lady Dior with the chain strap and compared it with the regular leather strap. If I were to choose between the two, I would still stick with the regular leather strap. It's so classic! Both are gorgeous though 😍
  8. Thank you so much! Really loving the mini Lady dior bag, even considering getting one in black. Would like to have it in its most classic form, so thinking of black but don't know if getting it in lambskin or patent, ghw or shl. Will be using it for evenings most.
  9. How much is the new mini lady dior in US? thanks
  10. Not too sure about US price, but the Canadian price is $3300


  11. 3100 usd
  12. Ah amazing:love:
  13. Beautiful!!
  14. So pretty! Congratulations! I must take a look at this lovely bag in person.

  15. Wow it is gorgeous! Such a great buy!:smile: love it!
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