New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. Gorgeous! Does anyone know its measurements? Is it much smaller than the mini Lady Dior?
  2. not a big fan... and it feels like the chain is going to scratch the leather handles...
  3. While that may happen with constant abrasion, Dior's metal straps are very finely finished and are never sharp (unlike my experience with some Gucci bags) so the strap won't easily scratch the leather on the bag with constant rubbing.
  4. I love the lady dior mini (think that's what it is called) does anyone know if it comes in black patent with silver hardwear? also for sizing idea would this bag likely hold car keys, mobile, small purse and lippy?

    it looks stunning.....
  5. It comes in black patent, but I'm not sure if this new metal-chain version comes in black patent.

    And this purse can hold all of what you mentioned.
  6. The pale pink is just gorgeous.
  7. Saks has it in black lamb now!
  8. I got info from my Saks SA $3100


    LOVE! I can't wait to get it!
  9. I MUST have one of these; anyone know if they will come in grey with shw or just the ghw? I have tons of black (and blue), including two Dior in black (one a mini) and several in blue, but it's sooooooooo cute and I have a LD in white, too. This bag is just too cute not to get (even if I did just buy a LD that will arrive this weekend).

    So far we've seen black and white with shw and grey & pink; any other colors?
  10. Uk has pale blue Tutu.... :smile:
  11. Omg pale blue must be beautiful!! 😍 now i don't know if i like this Mini LD or a rectangular chanel mini..? Hmmm..
  12. It comes in distressed blue calfskin just like the miss dior sliding chain.
  13. Oh my goodness! That's one of my favourite leathers! Can't wait to see it in real life (or pictures of it).
  14. Here is blue AJ...

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