New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. You're welcome.

    Here are pics of the grey & pink....

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  2. Those are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you! :smile: :smile:
  3. Does anybody know how the mini LD compares with the size and chain length of a Chanel rectangular mini? Do they fit the same?
  4. I saw this today on their website and I think it's pretty but nothing for me 'cause my favourite size for the LD is still the large one.
  5. These are so pretty! Thank you for sharing these pictures!
  6. Also in white......❤️

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  7. I LOVE these bags! Does anyone know how much they are and if they're available in the US?
  8. OMG it never looked better! Love it for a small bag! I hope price tag is reasonable.
  9. £1,800 in the UK 😍
  10. Absolutely love love love the chain, but can we adjust it. It look a bit long
  11. You can shorten it by looping the chain through one of the handle ovals and clasping the adjacent oval. Otherwise I don't think it can be adjusted since it's a metal chain.
  12. I would think that they fit about the same, except I think the Chanel mini is a bit longer and the Lady Dior mini is a bit taller.
  13. The Dior Mini is adorable!
  14. OMG the chain makes it look SO MUCH better!!!! i wish I got the chain instead! Absolutely stunning!!!
  15. I think Dior may be use more tall models when they come up with their design!!!

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