New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. Bought my first Dior bag, a beautiful mini Lady Dior in silver!
    This color is from their Cruise'16 collection.
    Absolutely love the metallic perforated texture of this bag.

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  2. J'adore!!! Congratulations!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Stunning bag. I like mine so much more than a WOC. It fits more, is more practical and I also love that not many people have them. It adds to the "special" of the bag. @averagejoe , do you have any information on new colors or textures for the fall?
  5. Not yet. The current season is Pre-Fall. I will post if I have any intel :smile:
  6. Hi, do you know if we can purchase the chain strap separately? Because I bought my metallic blue perforated mini lady Dior but it came with regular strap. Would love to have both.
  7. Unfortunately you cannot buy the strap individually, although if you prefer a wider strap, then you can consider getting a Fendi StrapYou to match your bag (maybe something with blue crystals or flowers).
  8. i reckon if you say you lost your strap and the bag is on sale with the new strap now they might offer you a new one/you can request a new one being made.
    nothing to prevent you from miraculously finding the old strap a few weeks late...
  9. Hi, I am planning on purchasing a mini Lady Dior with a chain. Does anyone know what colors are available at the moment? Does it only come in lambskin or also in patent?
  10. It's beautiful !! But I probably won't be able to fit my note 4 Samsung phone in there :biggrin:
  11. Hi average joe, would you suggest the solid colour over the metallic finish for it to last longer. I always wear lotions and Vaseline. I’m afraid I might ruin the pearly lotus finish? Thanks!
  12. I do in this case. I also recommend a darker colour if you decide not to wrap a silk scarf around the top handles, because those can darken with time.
  13. I also wanted to buy the Pearl Lotus. but that sounds like it's not the best choice of colour when you really want to use it ..too sad.
  14. Contemplating black mini for an everyday small bag.. feedback on durability would be much appreciated! Also do they work with most casual - dressy outfits? Thanks!
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