New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. This is truly stunning [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7], I LOVE this..
    Hopefully they won't make this mini LD as seasonal design. This bag is absolutely more elegant with the chain strap
  2. I hope they have those cuties in January in Paris. I am planing to get one. But their choices are so limited every time I went. Keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Anybody here who has some pics of wearing her mini dior?
    I love this version of the lady dior - especially because it's easier to get in and out… It's sooooo cute, but I'm not sure if it's too small for me (I'm about 170cm) :/
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  4. do you know if the mini is still available in the colour raspberry? or is/was it a seasonal colour?
  5. Most of Dior's colours are seasonal. They may be carried over from one season into another. You should contact your local Dior SA to inquire about availability.
  6. thank you so much for your help, I'll go to the boutique next week :smile:
  7. Hello i am thinking to buy a mini Lady Dior and i prefer a more durable than lambskin... And im crazy of this design. Is this more durable, Difficult to get colour transfer ON and if anyone can share THE pros AND cons of this design? It looks spectacular AND i hope it comes in mini size As well? How much is it retailing in UK AND Europe because a relative going there late Jan. I really hope to score this one! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1452185047.723439.jpg
  8. It's a beautiful bag. We've discussed durability of the metallic leather/ lambskin etc here:
    It's worth a read. I believe the gold lady dior is only available in the medium size, but someone may be able to correct me. I don't know the price of it in UK/EU sorry.
  9. The website shows the medium size, but I think it comes in the smaller size as well, because the other metallic perforated ones also came in the smallest size.

    As MsHermesAU said, we've discussed the durability in a different thread. Check that thread out.

    I also don't know the price, but it should be slightly pricier than the regular lambskin Lady Dior due to its special finish.

  10. Thx guys: i found it in some ig. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1452220583.560066.jpg I believe this is mini, or small? I most probably think its mini.
  11. I believe this is the small. The charms on the nano look a lot larger.
  12. Does anybody knows if and when new colors for the mini Lady Dior with chain will come?

  13. Oh thx. I always thought Lady Dior with a flap is mini.. Never thought its small. Thx for THE indicative that THE charms look bigger on Nano. That diminish few question mark that i have.
  14. The Lady Dior comes in two sizes that are smaller than the medium, both of which have a flap closure.

  15. Tq average joe. You are always helpful. Really appreciate it.
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